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New York Vinny's Pizza Family and Friends,
With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the mandate for restaurants & bars to close, we will be open only for take-out, curbside, and delivery. For the continued safety & limiting contact between employees and customers, we are now offering egift cards! Thank you again to our customers for your love and support through this time! We truly appreciate you ALL!

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VINNY GREW UP IN NEW YORK CITY’S LITTLE ITALY very close to the 1905 location of the first pizza shop in America.  As a New Yorker Vinny thought he was an expert on all things pizza but he wondered how the rest of America experienced pizza.  So he decided to find out. 
VINNY SET OUT TO VISIT AMERICA’S FAMOUS PIZZA TOWNS.  He found that New York was all about “fold-ability” but in New Jersey “crispy” was what made their pizza special.  In Boston they cut their pizza into squares and in Detroit pizza was “twice-baked”.  Philly was famous for the “tomato pie”, St. Louis for using Provel cheese and New Haven for serving “white” pizza.  Chicago was a surprise for Vinny with its “deep dish” pizza and when he tasted what California and Hawaii called pizza he knew there were as many kinds of great pizza across the country as there were people who enjoyed them. VINNY FOUND HE LOVED THEM ALL!  

THE NEW YORK VINNY’S PIZZA FAMILY has been making and serving great pizza for three generations and we celebrate “the Legend Of New York Vinny” every day by making only the best pizza possible.  After all, we love pizza as much as Vinny did.  That’s why our dough is hand-tossed and made fresh daily, our sauce is our own family’s recipe and our ingredients are “fo getta bout it” wholesome and fresh.  So why is New York Vinny’s Pizza so crazy about making only the best  pizza possible?  Simple, because the legend of Vinny demands it!  After all, there’s a little bit of “Vinny” in all of us.