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About Vinny's

Our Story: Randy Anderson Co-founder

I COME FROM AN ITALIAN FAMILY.  My grandparents immigrated from Italy and my mom was the first American generation in our Italian family.  My Grandather Italo Carosiello was a chef in Rome, Italy and one day an American Restaurateur from Seattle, Vic Rosellini dined in his restaurant.  Rosellini was so impressed with his meal that he asked to meet the chef and insisted on the spot that my father come to work for him in the US.  Coming to the US was a dream for many Italians including my grandparents.  When they broke the news of their plans to emigrate their parents wept. But these weren’t tears of sadness but tears of joy, their children were about to realize their own American dreams.

ITALO WAS CHEF AT ROSELLINI’S FOR 10 YEARS and eventually he and my grandmother bought a 2 story home and with Vic Rosellini’s support they remodeled the basement into a restaurant. They called it Italo’s Casa Romana.  My grandather was the Chef and my grandmother the waitress and their family lived upstairs over the restaurant. People still comment “I remember coming to Italo’s and seeing your mom hanging on to your grandmothers apron while she served customers”.  Italo’s Casa Romana became very popular and continued to serve great Italian family style food for more than 35 years. 

MY MOM GREW UP WORKING IN THE RESTAURANT.  She met my dad there who was the restaurant’s chef at the time.  Eventually my parents decided they wanted to start their own Restaurant, one that focused exclusively on great pizza.  With granddad’s blessing they built Route 66 Pizza which has operated continuously now for over thirty years.  I was raised in that restaurant and invested years learning all aspects of the pizza business.  Like my parents before me and my granddad before them I began to formulate my own ideas on how to bringbring “real pizza real fast” to an even wider group of pizza lovers.  As was our family’s tradition my parents gave me their blessing and support and that was the start of New York Vinny’s Pizza. 

NEW YORK VINNY’S PIZZA STARTED with the idea that pizza should be a celebration, but it should also be fast and affordable.  People have a choice.  You can choose to pay premium dollars for pizza and wait for up to an hour to get it.  That’s great if you have an hour to kill and a pocket full of money.  Or you can buy a chain-store pizza where themakers national ad campaign is all about “Dale; the fasted pizza-box folder in America”.  Ok, the box is important - but a pizza chain that would rather talk about their box than their pizza?  Fo getta bout it!  Or you can buy a cheap, pre-manufactured factory pizza of such dubious quality that the makers think that maybe if they say the word “Pizza” twice, you might just believe what they are selling can actually be called a pizza.  There’s a better way.  New York Vinny’s Pizzamakes real hand-tossed pizza the way my family had always done.  We offer time tested recipes in made-to-order and ready made pizzas, and we do it in such a way that even if you only have a little time or a little money, you can still get “real pizza real fast”.  Those are the values New York Vinny’s Pizza is built upon. 

REAL PIZZA REAL FAST.  REAL INGREDIENTS ARE THE HEART OF THE PIZZA. Pizza is a choreograph of just the right ingredients in just the right proportions. And no ingredients are more at the heart of all things pizza than the Sauce, the Cheese and the Crust.  These three simple ingredients can make or break a pizza and with three generations of Italian cooking DNA in our legacy, New York Vinny’s Pizza are experts at marrying these key ingredients into Real Pizza Real Fast.

The Sauce

New York Vinny’s Pizza sauce is slow-cooked the traditional way. This thirty year old family recipe is made just the way Italo taught us three generations ago. Rich, savory, zesty and delicious.

The Cheese

We sampled cheese from many of Wisconsin’s more than 1,600 cheese makers, artisans and manufacturers to find just the right 100% Wisconsin Mozzarella cheese to make our New York Vinny’s pizzas and the difference is clear.  There’s no substitute for the best.

The Dough

 New York Vinny’s Pizza dough is made fresh daily with Artisan Power flour and tossed by hand. That’s just the way Italo did it and that’s the way we’ve been doing it for more than thirty years. Making our crust this way is truly the real deal and is also a big part of what makes New York Vinny’s Pizza “Real Pizza Real Fast”.